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We Conduct Scientific Research
in an Array of Fields

Recognizing the importance of advancing the frontiers of technologies and science, by and large, we are determined to coduct our research in a variety of fields.

Advanced Robotics


At our advanced robotics lab, we currently try to be intact with the upcoming 4th Industrial Revolution, developing more advanced, machine learning manufacturing systems…

Chemical Research


As vague as the field may sound, not many people are aware that chemistry is basically the lynchpin ingredient of making all the products that the modern world uses…

Artificial Intelligence


Probably, humans wanted to create an equally intelligent counterpart for as long as there’s civilization. But it’s only now when the technology and desire are close to being intact…

Healthcare Labs


This research department is the biggest of all we have, focusing on both understanding the diseases that roam our world, just as well as finding cost-efficient cures and medication…



As we were already working on computers since the ’50s, we are naturally interested in helping to advance both the hardware and the software industry that IT is divided into

Alternative Energy


As the energy market continues its slow movement from using fossil fuels, it’s critical that new, safe and renewable energy sources advance forward in order to help modern…


Science Research Consultation

We are open to accepting any research order that has either a scientific, commercial or general public value.

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Being a top US private facility for any kind of scientific research, we are proud of the overall amount of work we’ve done so far.

See our updated list of the most recent research conducted, just to get an idea about the intensity of the work we do…